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We are a family run company specialising in full & part load removals out of the UK to Europe and back again. 

Our friendly approach and trusted attention to detail has won us many friends.

Having mastered the change in regulation between the UK-EU from January 1st 2021 we continue delivering amazing without hindrance.


As the only Gold Star transporter in the Aude region of France we never use un-trained, sub-contracted drivers. The personal that load your belongings will be the same movers to make the drive and unload.


With a 90%+ referral rate from customers who refer us to friends and family, our reputation in the region means 5 out of 6 requests in the Aude/Herault choose Camihomme for their next move.

Specialising in light haulage and part load removals throughout Europe and the UK we offer trained, dedicated personnel and all our vans come with protective blankets, secure straps, insurance and a great VIP attitude.

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