As the name Premiere Bulle indicates, this is France's first bubbly. Methode Champagne! First created in 1531.


The monks of the Benedictine Abbey St Hilaire in Limoux Aude, produced wine in an unusual fashion.  Instead of using oak vats to ferment, the wine was fermented in glass flasks with a cork top which gave it a natural sparkle.


Legend has it that Dom Perignon passed through the valley on route to Spain, chanced on the abbey and stole the technique and passed it off as his own to the nobles of Champagne!


Premiere Bulle's exceptional quality even found an echo across the Atlantic : The White House.  Indeed, Thomas Jefferson was its greatest admirer.  Cases of Premiere Bulle, and in fact the only sparkling wine, were found in his personal cellar.


The main grape is Manzac (locally known as Blanquette) followed by Chardonnay & Chenin.  Enjoy the bright fuchsia pink foiled label and France's very first sparkling wine - method champagne.

6 x Bottles of Sieur D'Arques PREMIERE BULLE Brut 1531

  • 6 x bottles per case sold at the ex-cellar price (directly from the farm in Limoux in the South of France). 


    €9.90 per 75cl bottle.

    €59.40 a case.

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